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How This Site Works

Let me help you honor your loved one

I write personalized  eulogies that honor and commemorate the essence of those who have passed away.
The eulogies I write are 100% personalized with the information you provide below.

Once you complete the questionnaire below, you will be notified and emailed within 24 hours or less.
Start Here

Personalized Eulogy Questionnaire Form

To make the eulogy personal and honor your loved one's memory, I have created a questionnaire below to gather information about their life, personality, interests, and accomplishments. 
Please share any memories, stories, anecdotes, or anything you'd like included in the eulogy, like a favorite quote or achievement, a hidden talent or hobby, and the names of the people you'd like mentioned.

The more information you provide, the more personalized the eulogy will be. 

Personalized Eulogy Questionnaire

Personalized Eulogies Delivered Via E-Mail Within 24 Hours or Less
100%  Satisfaction Guarantee

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